• Nicole Marcus

Suspect arrested following a home invasion in Waverley!

This morning a reconnoitered home invasion took place in Barnard Avenue, Waverley. Two suspects arrived at the premises on foot and followed the victim into the property on her return home. The suspects robbed the victim of various valuables and fled the scene in the direction of Highlands North. CAP Tactical Officers were alerted to the home invasion and immediately proceeded to the incident location. Upon arrival, a witness advised Tactical Officers that they had seen the suspects fleeing the scene. Tactical Officers sprang into action and began their pursuit of the suspects. CAP's Command Centre strategically dispatched additional Tactical Units to cordon off the area. A short distance away, one suspect was seen running down Rosen Street in Highlands North. Tactical Officers gave chase and the suspect was apprehended. He was found in possession of a firearm as well as stolen items from the home invasion that took place in Barnard Avenue. The second suspect, unfortunately, evaded apprehension and is still currently at large. CAP will continue to work tirelessly together with SAPS to ensure the suspect is caught. The apprehended suspect was handed over to Norwood SAPS and subsequently arrested. CAP's Legal Team will closely monitor this particular case to ensure that the suspect faces the full force of the law. Well done to all involved!

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