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6 suspects apprehended over the weekend!

Friday 13 October, Muirfield Avenue, Emmarentia

Following a reconnoitered home invasion that took place in Muirfield Avenue on the 9th of October, CAP’s Tactical Intelligence Division together with SAPS, obtained information that linked the victim’s gardener as a potential person of interest. On Friday, SAPS and CAP apprehended the gardener where he was taken into Police custody for additional questioning in the investigation.

Saturday 14 October, Cheney Avenue, Savoy

In the early hours of Saturday morning, a resident alerted CAP’s Command Centre to a suspicious individual outside their property. Tactical Officers were dispatched and upon arrival noticed that the electric fencing surrounding the house has been tampered with. The suspect, who was apprehended by Tactical Officers was handed over to Bramley SAPS.

Saturday 14 October, Sandler Road, Glenhazel

On Saturday morning, CAP’s Command Centre received a panic activation from a guard hut located outside a business in Sandler Road. CAP Tactical Officers were immediately dispatched and upon arrival learnt that a theft had just taken place involving three suspects. Tactical Units spread out and a search for the suspects ensued. All three suspects were apprehended a short distance away from the crime scene and handed over to Sandringham SAPS. Stolen items were recovered.

Sunday 15 October, Dunottar Street, Sydenham

A CAP spotter, strategically positioned along Dunottar Street, notified CAP’s Command Centre to a suspect jumping over walls in the early hours of Sunday morning. Tactical Officers were dispatched and a search commenced for the suspect. A resident of Dunottar Street heard noises in their house and immediately contacted the Command Centre to investigate. Tactical Officers located the suspect inside the premises and apprehended him. The suspect was handed over SAPS.

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