• Nicole Marcus

7 suspects apprehended over long weekend!

Thursday 21 September – Empire Place, Sandhurst

On Thursday afternoon, two suspects broke into a vacant property on Empire Place in Sandhurst. Tactical officers, who were proactively patrolling, identified the suspects attempting to steal cables from the vacant property. A brief chase ensued, resulting in the apprehension of one suspect. Unfortunately, the second suspect managed to flee the scene.

Friday 22 September – Currie Street

On Friday morning, three suspects jumped the wall of a property on Currie Street in Oaklands. The CAP Command Centre received a call reporting the three suspects and immediately dispatched a CAP tactical unit to investigate. Upon arrival, tactical officers apprehended all three suspects.

Friday 22 September – George Avenue

On Friday morning, a CAP spotter, who is strategically positioned at the Sandringham strip, identified two suspicious individuals entering a shop. He immediately notified the Command Centre and additional resources were dispatched to the scene. Upon further investigation by tactical officers, the two individuals were found in possession of fake firearms. They were immediately apprehended and handed over to Sandringham SAPS.

Well done to all involved!

The fake firearm as well as the two suspects and CAP Spotter is pictured above.


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