• Nicole Marcus

Breaking news! Quick thinking of homeowners lead to arrest of suspect.


This afternoon, a resident of Boundary Road, Rouxville, arrived home to find a suspicious vehicle parked in his driveway. The resident immediately contacted CAP to investigate. Upon arrival, CAP tactical officers performed a full perimeter check and established that the house had been robbed. Given the suspicious vehicle in the driveway, tactical officers proceeded to search surrounding properties for potential suspects as they believed the suspects had been disrupted and were in the immediate vicinity. Additional resources, including CAP's K9 Intervention Unit, were dispatched and a lock down of the area was initiated. During this time, CAP's Command Centre received a panic activation. The Command Centre operator quickly identified that the location of the panic was in close proximity to where the search for the suspects was occurring. Taking this into consideration, resources were immediately directed to the panic activation address where one suspect was apprehended. A search continued for the second suspect, who is currently still at large. Stolen items, as well as the suspect motor vehicle, were recovered on scene. Well done to the quick thinking of both of the homeowners, as well as CAP and SAPS for their involvement.


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