• Nicole Marcus

CAP's Special Intervention Unit strikes again!

This afternoon, a victim was sourced at a shopping centre and followed to her home in Stuart Street, Waverley. Whilst entering her driveway, three suspects exited a white Audi Q5, and proceeded to rob the victim of various valuables. Tactical units were immediately dispatched to the scene. Whilst collecting additional information, CAP was alerted to another incident that took place in Tennyson Street, Linksfield. The same suspect motor vehicle had followed a victim from a nearby shopping centre. Whilst entering her driveway, three suspects exited the suspect vehicle and attempted to rob the victim of valuables. The suspects were unsuccessful and fled the scene. Two vehicles from CAP's Special Intervention Unit, who were situated close by made a strategic decision to proceed towards the highway given the location of where the incident occurred. Due to their quick thinking, CAP's Special Intervention Units quickly located a white Audi Q5, matching the description of the suspect motor vehicle and immediately gave chase. Whilst pursuing the vehicle one of the suspects proceeded to open the window and dispose of a firearm. One of the Special Intervention Unit vehicles pulled over to recover the firearm whilst the other continued to chase the suspect motor vehicle. An off duty CAP officer, who was travelling on the highway in his private vehicle, saw the pursuit in progress and immediately assisted with the chase. Unfortunately, the suspect motor vehicle was able to getaway, however a firearm was recovered and potential further incidents disrupted. Well done to all involved!


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