• Nicole Marcus

Fleeing suspect caught!

Yesterday morning, CAP received a call from a resident in Berkswell Road, Gresswold, to report a suspect trespassing on his property.

CAP Tactical Officers were dispatched and upon their arrival apprehended the suspect. CAP's Command Centre notified SAPS and when they arrived the suspect was taken into their custody and handcuffed.

Whilst taking statements from the victim, the suspect got up and managed to run away. When the suspect reached Louis Botha Avenue he jumped into the back of a bakkie that was driving past. CAP officers mobilized, calling for back up from additional resources positioned within a nearby radius including the Traffic Police. With nowhere to hide, the suspect was apprehended and again handed over to SAPS who arrested him.

Well done to all involved who ensured that the suspect was not successful in his attempt to flee!


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