• Nicole Marcus

5 suspects apprehended from 3 successes!

Illovo – Armed Robbery

On Sunday morning, CAP’s Command Centre received a panic activation from a security guard who witnessed two suspects robbing victims of their cellphones whilst in the public space on Oxford Road. The suspects fled towards Corlett Drive.

Tactical officers responded to the panic activation and strategically positioned resources to ensure that the suspects were located. A short while later Tactical Officers spotted the suspects and immediately apprehended them. Both suspects were handed over to SAPS. The stolen cellphones were recovered by Tactical Officers on Corlett Drive.

Orange Grove – Theft

Yesterday morning, whilst on patrol on 15th Street in Orange Grove, CAP Tactical Officers noticed an individual carrying a ladder whilst in the public space. Thinking this out of the ordinary, the tactical officers notified the Command Centre who then notified SAPS.

SAPS arrived on scene, taking the suspect into their custody for further investigation.

Melrose - Break in

This morning, the CAP Command Centre received a call from a resident who reported that she had been woken up by the sound of glass breaking and immediately thought that there was an intruder.

A Tactical Unit was dispatched to the scene and it was confirmed that there was in fact a burglary that took place whereby a tablet had been stolen. The tablet was tracked to a location in Rosebank, where SAPS and CAP Tactical Officers were dispatched for further investigation.

Upon arrival, 2 suspects were found running on Keyes Avenue and taken into custody by Norwood SAPS. The tablet was recovered.

Well done to all involved. That's 5 more criminals off our streets!


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