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Recommendations to avoid being a victim of deception.

Dear CAP Residents,

CAP's Analytics Division have identified a recent spike in crimes taking place across Johannesburg, where deception has been used in order to gain entry into properties, in order to perpetrate crimes.

The suspects attempt to gain access to the home by deceiving a staff member. The suspects, are known to ring the doorbell or hoot at the gate and claim to be there to fix the electricity, take measurements or to deliver a package. In some cases, the suspects have mentioned the homeowner by name. If a staff member attempts to engage with the suspects by the gate, the suspects present their firearm and demand entry into the premises.

Although the majority of incidents reported to us have not occurred within the CAP operational zones, we would still like to take this opportunity to remind residents of the following safety tips:

1. Make sure all internal staff are fully briefed on any expected deliveries, contractors or visitors to the property.

2. Ensure that internal staff do not allow access to any persons that they are not familiar with or are uncertain of, without checking with the homeowner.

3. Make sure that your staff clearly understand that they must personally make the phone call to confirm legitimacy directly with the homeowner and not to take the “contractor” or “delivery persons” word in this regard.

4. Where possible, all interactions should be conducted over the intercom and staff should avoid engaging in person.

5. Homeowners should brief their staff to avoid divulging any private information relating to the structure, routine or possessions within the home.

6. Gardeners should only keep panic buttons on their person when working outside and the main gate should always be kept closed at all times. The gardener should not have keys or remotes to the property on him while outside.

7. All staff should keep panic buttons on their person at all times.

8. At any point, Contact CAP immediately on 0861 227 227 to report suspicious activity or for assistance in this regard


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