• Nicole Marcus

CAP together with SAPS, The City of Joburg and Social services conduct a successful Clean-Up Operati

Phase 1 of a comprehensive 4 Phase operation was conducted yesterday in relation to a property of concern that had been identified within the Melrose Birdhaven operational area. Reports of displaced persons and health issues from the property were the main concerns.

A health notice was issued and social services assisted the displaced persons in finding the necessary residence and services required.

A massive cleanup occurred resulting in the removal of refuse and undesirable materials from the property.

The outstanding phases will be completed in the coming weeks and we are expecting great results.

CAP wishes to thank SAPS, The City of Joburg and Social Services for their ongoing support and continuous assistance in these operations.

We urge all residents to report any property of concern to CAP’s Command Centre on 0861 227 227.

Operations to tackle these types of properties do take time to execute as co-operation from the owner needs to be acquired as well as requirements stipulated by external law enforcement agencies needing to be met.

Ongoing operations of this nature shows the extent in which success can be met.

Well done to all!


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