• Nicole Marcus

Vehicle recovered following quick-thinking from CAP

On Monday night at approximately 8 pm, the CAP Command Centre received a call reporting a hijacking that occurred in Sydenham. A CAP tactical debriefer was immediately dispatched to the scene in order to obtain additional first hand information.

Through intensive interactions, tactical information was quickly obtained and relayed to the Command Centre. The victim did not have an active tracking system in his vehicle, however the Tactical Debriefer managed to ascertain where the vehicle had been purchased from and followed up with the previous owner.

It was then determined that the previous owner had a tracking unit installed. The CAP Command Centre quickly followed up with the relevant Tracking company to see if it was at all possible to activate the device.

The Tracking company managed to activate the device, the location of the vehicle was identified and shortly recovered thereafter.

Well done to all involved!


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