• Nicole Marcus

Breaking News - 3 suspects apprehended over this past weekend

CAP’s Strike Team and K9 Intervention Unit had a successful weekend that resulted in the arrest of 3 suspects linked to break ins and an attempted Contact crime.

Orange Grove Operation

Early on Saturday morning, the CAP Command Centre coordinated an operation in Orange Grove leading to the successful arrest of a suspect linked to multiple break-ins which have occurred in CAP Operational Areas.

During the operation, CAP’s highly trained Tactical Teams together with SAPS members gathered information on the suspect’s whereabouts and quickly set up surveillance. A short while later, the teams moved in on the suspect resulting in a successful arrest.

Attempted Robbery - Highlands North

On Saturday evening, members of CAP’s special K9 Intervention Unit were proactively patrolling on Joseph Street when they were approached by an individual who had fled from an attempted armed robbery in the public space.

The K9 Intervention Unit quickly learned that two suspects had attempted to rob him and gathered information from the individual, including descriptions of the suspects as well as which direction they had fled in after their failed attempt.

A search for the suspects ensued and they were immediately tracked down a few streets away, quickly apprehended and handed over to Norwood SAPS.

Well done to all involved!


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