• Nicole Marcus

Quick thinking from CAP Tactical Officers leads to the arrest of one suspect in connection with a Ho

Last night, whilst in the driveway, saying their goodbyes, three victims were approached by armed suspects and led into the house where they were incapacitated and robbed of valuables before the suspects fled in the victim's motor vehicle. Upon receiving notification of the incident, CAP's Command Centre sprang into action and immediately dispatched a Tactical Unit to the scene. Crucial information was obtained from the victims and relayed to the Command Centre, which was distributed to all Tactical Units within the area. CAP's Intervention Unit made contact with JMPD's undercover task team, in line with our long standing relationship with them and handed over information relating to the home invasion that occurred. JMPD, with the information in hand, identified the victim's vehicle and monitored the situation. A shootout ensued between JMPD and the suspects, resulting in the arrest of one suspect and the recovery of the victim's motor vehicle and various other valuables. CAP's K9 Intervention Unit assisted the JMPD task team post the apprehension of the suspect. Well done to all involved!


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