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5 Suspects apprehended in various incidents over the past 48 hours

This past weekend, CAP Tactical Officers affected the apprehension of five suspects across three of our operational areas.

Theft in Morningside

On Sunday morning, the CAP Command Centre received a call from a resident to report that two suspects had been spotted, stealing items from a vacant property on Centre Road in Morningside. A Tactical Unit was promptly dispatched to the property, who upon arrival found that the suspects had entered the property by jumping over the fence and had stolen metal pipes, before fleeing the scene.

A few streets away, the Tactical Officers spotted the suspects and pursued them, apprehending them quickly. Both suspects were handed over to Sandton SAPS and the stolen goods recovered.

Theft in Orange Grove

Whilst proactively patrolling on 10th Street in Orange Grove on Sunday morning, CAP Tactical Officers noticed an individual walking in the public space with copper cables. Upon further investigation, it was established that the cables were stolen. The suspect was quickly apprehended and handed over to Norwood SAPS.

Theft in Orange Grove

On Sunday afternoon, whilst proactively patrolling on 8th Avenue in Orange Grove, CAP Tactical Officers spotted an individual who was carrying garden equipment. Thinking this to be suspicious, the officers approached the individual and determined that the items were stolen from a resident’s property on 11th Street. SAPS Norwood were immediately called and the suspect handed over. The stolen goods were recovered.

Cable Theft in Gresswold

On Monday morning, the CAP Command Centre received a call from a resident to report that cables had been stolen from a substation in Gresswold. A CAP Tactical Unit was dispatched to the area and two individuals were identified carrying the stolen cables not far from the substation. A short chase ensued and one of the suspects were apprehended. The stolen cables were recovered and the suspect handed over to Bramley SAPS. The remaining suspect is still at large.

Well done to all involved!


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