• Nicole Marcus

CAP's cleanup in Bryanston continues

Yesterday, CAP’s K9 Special Intervention Unit, together with SAPS and Joburg City Parks, conducted another operation to clean up in the Greater Bryanston area. During the operation, a displaced person was found residing in a bus stop on Cambridge Road. This individual has been linked to multiple harassment incidents. JMPD’s displaced persons unit was contacted to ensure the male receives the relevant assistance required. The bus stop and immediate area were cleaned and cleared of waste and rubbish. Further cleanups occurred along East Hertford Road nearby the river in which City Parks removed foliage which served as a refuge for several displaced people residing in the area. CAP was privileged to be a part of this cleanup operation upon the request of the City of Joburg thanks to our long-standing working relationship and continued efforts in relation to the cleanup of the Bryanston and Riverclub area. We look forward to many more successful operations of this nature. This specific operation started on Monday this week and will run until Thursday. We are expecting further positive results and have already seen great improvement since the outset of this project. Well done to all involved!


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