• Nicole Marcus

CAP disrupts potential Westcliff incident

Whilst proactively patrolling on Friday evening, a CAP Tactical Unit identified suspicious behaviour in Westcliff. It spotted two vehicles in the road and approached to investigate, causing one of the vehicles, a white Ford Ranger, to speed off. The CAP Tactical Unit immediately reported the details of the fleeing vehicle to the CAP Operations Command Centre and to other CAP Tactical Units in the area. A second CAP Tactical Unit was able to identify and chase after the Ford Ranger. It proceeded to drive erratically, jumping red robots and unfortunately managed to get away from the CAP Unit. The original CAP Tactical Unit engaged with the remaining vehicle in the street and was able to establish, that the driver, a Westcliff resident, had been followed by the white Ford Ranger and it had attempted to pull the resident over using flashing blue lights. According to information obtained from the SAPS, CAP would like to suggest the following: Should you find yourself being pulled over by what appears to be an UNMARKED South African Police vehicle (no visible Police markings or branding) with blue flashing lights:

  1. Remain calm and do not panic

  2. Acknowledge that you have identified their attempt to pull you over by reducing your speed and activating your Hazard lights

  3. Do not drive home but rather proceed to the nearest Police station or well-populated area like a Service Station

  4. Call the relevant SAPS area station or 10111 and give them the details of the vehicle attempting to pull you over and your location

  5. Call CAP 0861 227 227 (CAP CAP) who will direct you to a safe location and ensure a Tactical unit is waiting there to meet you

A reminder that all residents, whether CAP members or not, you may call the CAP control room to report any suspicious behaviour. In the above incident, the resident involved was not a member of CAP, but our Tactical Officers and Command Centre staff are always prepared and ready to help. Well done to all involved!


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