• Nicole Marcus

Two suspects apprehended following armed robbery public in Lyndhurst

This morning, whilst at a park in Lyndhurst, a victim was approached by two suspects who demanded his valuables.

The victim attempted to flee, however, the suspects tripped him and proceeded to assault him. The victim eventually managed to get away and immediately ran to get help.

The victim called his friends who raced to his aid. Once rescued by his friends, the victim attempted to search for the suspects who had fled the scene on foot.

Whilst searching for the suspects, the victim and his friends managed to flag down CAP's Special Intervention Unit who was patrolling the area. The victim advised the SIU team as to the incident that had occurred and the SIU team sprung into action and proceeded to search for the suspects.

After a brief search, the SIU Officers tracked down the suspects and quickly apprehended them, before handing them over to Sandringham SAPS. The valuables, a toy firearm and a screwdriver were recovered at the scene.


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