• Nicole Marcus

Robot Robber Recaptured

CAP recently communicated to the community about an active individual perpetrating armed robberies at various robots and intersections along Louis Botha Avenue. This communication can be read here. Following a successful operation conducted by CAP Tactical Officers, the suspect was apprehended on 30 March, 2017. More info here. The suspect appeared in court shortly after his arrest and unfortunately he was released on bail.

The suspects returned to the streets and continued his modus operandi of robbing victims as previously described.

On Friday evening CAP responded to an attempted armed robbery which occurred on the corner of Athol Street and Louis Botha Avenue and immediately dispatched Tactical Officers to the scene. Upon arrival, the Tactical Officers searched the area and discovered that the suspect, known to us as the Robot robber, had attempted to perpetrate yet another crime. Our officers immediately gave chase, which ended in CAP apprehending the suspect and SAPS taking the suspect into custody. A broken toy pistol was recovered (pictured).

On Saturday afternoon while in the custody of Norwood SAPS, the suspect made an attempt to flee by overpowering a police officer, however, his attempt was unsuccessful and he is currently in hospital as a result of the injuries he sustained during the escape attempt.

No court date has currently been set due to the suspect's recovery, however, CAP has been working with both Norwood and Bramley SAPS to arrange for an identification parade to solidify the case against the suspect. Following the further criminal activity while out on bail and coupled with the latest armed robbery perpetrated by the suspect on Friday evening, there is now a stronger case against the suspect and he is currently awaiting legal processing, which CAP will assist with to ensure that the full force of the law is implemented.

Well done to all involved!


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