• Nicole Marcus

Vehicle recovered following armed robbery business and hijacking in Sandringham

Yesterday morning, a panic button activation was received by the CAP Control Room from a business on George Avenue in Sandringham. A Tactical Unit was immediately dispatched and while en route to the scene, a call was received to inform the Control Room that there had been an incident across the road from the aforementioned business.

It was ascertained that a woman had walked out of the business and was confronted by two suspects who had robbed her of valuables and her car keys and were making their escape in the victim’s vehicle. CAP strategically placed lookouts for the stolen vehicle in the area, who quickly spotted it driving in the direction of Alexandra.

This information was relayed to the CAP Control Room and further resources were deployed to the location. It didn’t take long for a Tactical Unit to find the victim’s vehicle and a chase ensued. A short distance later, the CAP Tactical Unit managed to strategically stop the vehicle in Alexandra, prompting the suspects to flee on foot. The victim’s vehicle along with stolen items was recovered. Thankfully the victim was unharmed.

Well done to all involved!


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