• Nicole Marcus

Three suspects arrested in connection with Jan Smuts Avenue armed robberies

Following our recent communication urging residents to take heed of a growing trend, identified by the CAP Analytics Department, of armed robberies along Jan Smuts Avenue, we have come to learn through our continued working relationship with SAPS, that Parkview SAPS were today instrumental in the arrest of 3 suspects who have been linked to at least 3 armed robberies along this popular route.

CAP’s Legal Department will be monitoring this arrest and working closely with SAPS to provide them with information, case numbers and video surveillance evidence gathered that could link these dangerous criminals to previous incidents that have occurred. We hope that with this continued partnership, we will ensure that the full might of the law is enforced on these criminals.

If you have been the victim of any recent armed robberies and would like to assist CAP and SAPS with further information that could aid in the conviction of these criminals, please contact CAP’s Control Room on 0861 227 227.

Well done to all involved!


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