• Nicole Marcus

Two apprehended in connection with hijacking

This afternoon, at approximately 2pm, CAP’s Control Room received a panic activation from a residential address on 6th Avenue in Orange Grove. CAP immediately dispatched tactical units to scene. Whilst en route it was confirmed by the Control Room that a hijacking had taken place. With the details of the stolen motor vehicle, a lookout was placed for the suspects.

Additional resources, including CAP’s K9 Intervention Unit, were strategically deployed into the environment to block off key streets, allowing no escape for the suspects.

Moments later, tactical officers on patrol on Louis Botha Avenue noticed a vehicle matching the description of the suspect motor vehicle. The vehicle had lost control and collided with another vehicle on the corner of 6th Avenue in Highlands North. Tactical Officers immediately went to investigate, and learnt that the suspects had attempted to flee the scene of the accident, heading toward 7th Avenue. Tactical officers gave chase and managed to track down the suspects. Two suspects were apprehended and handed over to SAPS, in addition, two firearms and the victim motor vehicle were recovered.

CAP’s Legal Team will monitor this case to ensure that these criminals meet the full force of the law.!

Well done to all involved!


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