• Nicole Marcus

6 Suspects apprehended in connection with three separate incidents in the past 48 hours

Break-in and theft - Westcliff

Yesterday afternoon, the CAP Control Room received an alarm activation from a home on Pallinghurst Road. Tactical Officers were immediately dispatched to the scene and upon arrival commenced a search of the property, at which point they spotted a suspect jumping over the wall in an attempt to flee. The Tactical Officers realised that the suspect had stolen items from the garage and pursued the suspect while calling in backup from the additional CAP Tactical Unit in the area. Within minutes the suspect was apprehended on Jan Smuts Avenue and he was handed over to SAPS.

Trespassing - Bramley

Yesterday evening, CAP Tactical Officers were dispatched to the scene of an alarm activation at a business on Corlett Drive. While searching the property, the Tactical Officers noticed four suspects who had jumped the property’s wall and had entered the business. The Tactical Officers swiftly apprehended the suspects and handed them over to Bramley SAPS.

Trespassing - Lyndhurst

This morning, the CAP Control room received a call from a resident to report a commotion at a property on Morkel Road. A Tactical Team was immediately dispatched to the scene and learned from the homeowner that a suspect had jumped the wall and entered his property. When the suspect noticed that he had been seen, he fled the property. CAP placed a lookout for the suspect and sent Tactical Teams to search the area.

Soon thereafter, an alert resident called the CAP Control Room and reported that he had seen the same suspect again on Morkel Road. CAP Officers were dispatched and pursued the suspect, with the suspect being apprehended a few streets away and subsequently handed over to Sandringham SAPS.

That’s 6 more suspects off our streets. Well done to all involved!


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