• Nicole Marcus

CAP Update

CAP would like to notify residents to an individual who is performing armed robberies at the Munro Drive viewpoint in Houghton. There have been two such incidents reported to CAP recently where the suspect approached visitors at the viewpoint, robbing them of valuables. The suspect was described as being between the ages of 25 and 29 years of age with sharp facial features, possible moustache and possible pock marks on both cheeks. The suspect is armed. Both incidents occurred over the weekend between 9am and 11am. CAP urge residents visiting this or any other lookout point to take heed of the recommendations below:

  • When visiting view points, avoid going alone. Always have one or more person with you.

  • Be cautious of people that approach you offering to take your photograph.

  • When arriving at your destination ensure to scan your surroundings for anything out of the ordinary. Do not exit your vehicle if you feel unsafe.

  • Avoid carrying valuable items, as well as travel documents and large amounts of cash.

  • Keep CAP’s number on speed dial 0861 227 227 and call whenever you look twice!

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