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8 Suspects Apprehended by CAP in several seperate incidents

Burglary – Sandhurst

In the early hours of yesterday morning, a resident on Oxford Road, Sandhurst heard suspicious noises in his home and immediately activated his panic button connected to the CAP Control Room. The suspect probably did not realise that the resident had CAP at Home as their armed response company. CAP dispatched tactical officers to the scene and saw a suspect leaving on foot towards Eton Road and quickly proceeded to apprehend him and handed him over to Bramley SAPS.

Burglary – Lyndhurst

Whilst patrolling Lindale Crescent in Lyndhurst, yesterday morning, CAP Tactical Officers were alerted to a burglary in progress when they noticed a derailed gate. Three suspects had entered the property and stole various valuables from the garage. The Tactical Officers immediately notified SAPS, before entering the property to apprehend the suspects. The suspects were handed over to Sandringham SAPS and the stolen items were recovered.

All three suspects have been positively linked to numerous incidents that have taken place in the Greater Glenhazel area.CAP’s legal team will work tirelessly to ensure that the suspects see the full force of the law.

Theft – Orange Grove

Whilst on patrol in 10th Avenue in Highlands North, late yesterday morning, CAP Tactical Officers located two suspects who were carrying children’s bicycles. The CAP Officers ascertained that the suspects had stolen the bicycles from a 16th Avenue house and the CAP Control Room quickly confirmed this by contacting the homeowner. SAPS were contacted and both suspects were handed over to Norwood SAPS. The stolen bicycles were recovered.

Trespassing – Kew

Early this morning, the CAP Control Room received a panic activation from a house on 4th Road in Kew. Cap Tactical Officers were immediately dispatched to the scene where they determined that two suspects, one armed with a spanner, had jumped over the wall and were trespassing on the property. A short foot chase ensued where one suspect was apprehended and promptly handed over to SAPS Bramley. The other suspect is still at large.

Theft – Bramley

This morning, whilst on patrol on Louis Botha Avenue in Bramley, CAP Tactical Officers discovered a suspect who was in the process of stealing various valuables from a business. A short foot chase ensued and the suspect was quickly apprehended on the corner of Corlett Drive and Louis Botha Avenue, before being handed over to the Bramley SAPS. The stolen items were recovered.

That’s 8 more suspects off our streets! Well done to all parties involved!

Stolen items were recovered from the various incidents that took place


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