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Six suspects apprehended by CAP in two seperate incidents in the past 24 Hours

Business Robbery in Morningside

Last night, CAP officers patrolling in Morningside, interrupted a number of suspects whilst they were robbing a business. It is understood that two suspects, one confirmed armed with a knife, had detained a security guard whilst an additional unknown number of suspects forced their way into the store and stole numerous valuables. CAP Officers discovered the suspects while they were attempting to exit the store with the stolen items when a shootout ensued. The suspects proceeded to shoot at CAP officers whilst they made their way to their getaway vehicle.

CAP officers immediately gave chase, calling for back-up from surrounding CAP operational zones. Within minutes, additional resources had netted off the area forcing the suspects to abandon their vehicle on the corner of Rivonia and Hill Road. The suspects exited the vehicle and proceeded to flee the scene on foot. CAP officers gave chase, resulting in two of the suspects being apprehended. Unfortunately, the remaining suspects are still at large.

The suspect motor vehicle, as well as the stolen items were recovered and the two suspects apprehended were arrested by SAPS.

We would like to commend all parties for their involvement.

CAP’s Legal Department will carefully monitor this case, ensuring that the two arrested suspects see the full force of the law. In addition, CAP will work tirelessly to obtain additional information that leads us to the additional suspects who are still at large. We encourage any members of the community who may have information regarding this incident to please contact us on 0861 227 227.

Armed Robbery in Kew

A panic activation was received from a business on Louis Botha Avenue. Tactical officers were immediately dispatched to scene and upon arrival, it was determined that a robbery had taken place and backup and SAPS were called in.

Four suspects had arrived in a Toyota Corolla and had stolen valuables from the victim. The suspects then attempted to flee the scene. CAP's K9 intervention unit together with SAPS and CAP tactical officers searched for the suspects. After a short canvas operation, the suspect vehicle was tracked down on 9th Avenue in Kew and four suspects were apprehended. The suspects were then handed over to SAPS and the suspect vehicle and valuables stolen from the victim were recovered.

Well done to all involved!


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