• Nicole Marcus

CAP apprehends 6 suspects over the past 48 hours

This past weekend, CAP Tactical Officers were instrumental in the apprehension of 6 suspects in connection with various incidents. Read about two specific successes below.

Theft in Houghton

On Saturday evening, a staff member at a Houghton service station convenience store noticed an individual matching the description of a suspect, previously known to have stolen items from the store, entering the store. He proceeded to press the CAP panic button at which point CAP Tactical Officers were dispatched to the scene, where the suspect was taken into custody and handed over to SAPS Norwood.

Attempted Break-in in Houghton

While patrolling Houghton Drive on Saturday evening, CAP Tactical Officers discovered trespassers in the process of stealing equipment from a vacant lot, interrupting them. The Tactical Officers proceeded to apprehend 3 suspects and handed them over to Norwood SAPS.


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