• Nicole Marcus

Suspect apprehended in trespassing incident

This morning, while performing her duties, a domestic worker noticed an intruder on the property on Daleview Road, Lyndhurst. The suspect had scaled the wall and climbed onto the carport roof in an attempt to enter the back garden when he was spotted. The domestic worker immediately started screaming for someone to call CAP.

CAP's emergency control room received a call and dispatched its tactical officers to scene. A member of the community noticed the suspect running and gave chase. Together with CAP Tactical Officers and CAP's Special Intervention Unit, the suspect was soon apprehended on Long Avenue corner Lyndhurst Road and handed over to SAPS. A knife was recovered in the suspect's possession. The suspect has been confirmed to be linked to multiple crimes reported across CAP areas.

That's one more criminal off our streets!

Our legal team will continue to monitor the case to ensure that suspect sees the full might of the law.

Well done to all involved!


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