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10 Suspects Apprehended in connection to 6 incidents in the past 48 hours

Vehicle recovery in Melrose

On Friday afternoon, a resident had parked his vehicle on the pavement of his premises on Corlett Drive. Whilst parked on the pavement, the vehicle was stolen. The resident immediately notified his tracking company. The resident also contacted the CAP Control Room who dispatched tactical officers to assist in the search for the suspects and the resident’s vehicle. Thanks to tracking company and CAP, the vehicle was recovered nearby.

Suspect apprehended in trespassing incident in Saxonwold

Whilst patrolling on Saturday morning, CAP tactical officers noticed movement inside a vacant property on Cotswold Drive in Saxonwold. A suspect had jumped the wall and was attempting to steal valuables from the property. CAP tactical officers quickly apprehended the suspect and he was handed over to Rosebank SAPS.

One apprehended in break-in incident in Melrose

On Saturday morning, a domestic worker working at a house on Edgewood Avenue in Melrose, went into the garage and upon entering noticed a suspect inside. She immediately pressed the panic button and the CAP Control Room dispatched its tactical officers to the scene. CAP officers arrived within minutes, leaving the suspect with nowhere to run. CAP officers quickly apprehended the suspect. House breaking implements were found in the suspect’s possession. The suspect was handed over to Norwood SAPS.

Three suspects caught red handed in copper theft attempt in Fairmount

CAP tactical officers interrupted three suspects who were attempting to steal copper cables from a substation on Warne Street corner Muriel Street in Fairmount, on Saturday morning. The suspects were using tools to try and steal the copper cables, however, tactical officers caught them in the act and apprehended them.

Four suspects apprehended in break-in incidents in Highlands North

Early on Sunday morning, CAP tactical officers were patrolling 3rd Avenue in Highlands North where they noticed a vehicle parked outside a house and went to investigate. The tactical officers then saw three suspects jumping over the wall out of a property. They had entered the property by tampering with the gate and were now trying to make their escape. The three suspects were entering the vehicle with a fourth suspect already waiting for them in the car. The CAP officers apprehended the suspects and recovered house breaking implements in the suspect’s possession. All four suspects were handed over to Sandringham SAPS. Three of the suspects are repeat offenders and have been known to commit crimes in CAP areas. CAP’s legal team will be following up on the case to ensure the suspects see the full force of the law.

One suspect apprehended in break-in incident in Lyndhurst

In the early hours of Monday morning, a resident called the CAP control room to report that she heard a noise in her property on Johannesburg Road in Lyndhurst. CAP dispatched its tactical officers who quickly arrived on the scene and apprehended one suspect who was trespassing on the property. The suspect had entered the property and had stolen some valuables. When the suspect tried to leave the property, CAP tactical officers apprehended him. The stolen goods were recovered and the suspect was handed over to Sandringham SAPS.


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