• Nicole Marcus

In the last 24 hours CAP officers apprehended two suspects in two separate incidents

CAP Apprehends suspect for theft in Highlands North

Early this morning the CAP Control Room received a panic button activation from a restaurant in Highlands North. Cap Tactical officers were dispatched to the scene and found a suspect in the process of stealing items, interrupting the suspect in the process. He attempted to flee, but was quickly apprehended by the officers. The suspect was taken into custody and handed over to Norwood Police.

Suspect Apprehended in Trespassing Incident in Morningside

In the early hours of yesterday morning, an off-duty CAP Control Room operator called the Control Room to report suspicious sounds in her complex. A CAP Tactical Team was promptly dispatched and it was established that a male had entered the property. SAPS and complex security had already been dispatched and was looking for the suspect. Together with SAPS and the complex security, the suspect, who appeared to be under the influence of narcotics, was apprehended.


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