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CAP catches 8 suspects linked to 5 separate incidents in the last 48 hours

Friday 10 March – 3rd Street Orange Grove

At a supermarket on 3rd Street in Orange Grove, CAP Officers were responding to a panic activation whereby a suspect had been caught by the shop owner for shoplifting. Upon arrival of the CAP Officers, the suspect was quickly apprehended and handed over to SAPS.

Friday 10 March – 10th Avenue Sydenham

While patrolling on 10th Avenue in Sydenham, CAP Tactical Units caught a suspect attempting to lift a gate off its rails. When the suspect saw the CAP officers, he attempted to escape into the property’s garden. After a short chase, the suspect was apprehended and handed over to SAPS.

Sunday 12 March – Kinfauns Street Sydenham

A homeowner on Kinfauns Street, Sydenham, witnessed two males carrying a generator, lawn mower, and other appliances in the street. Thinking this occurrence to be suspicious, he immediately contacted the CAP Control Room who dispatched a Tactical Unit to the scene. The suspects were quickly apprehended and handed over to SAPS. All the stolen goods were recovered.

Sunday 12 March - Oxford Road Melrose

Sharp-eyed customers spotted three suspects stealing objects from other customers’ bags and immediately notified the shop owner of the incident. The CAP Control Room was contacted and a CAP Unit was dispatched to the scene. The three suspects were apprehended by CAP Tactical Officers and subsequently

handed over to SAPS .

Sunday 12 March, Louis Botha Venue Highlands North

After receiving an alarm activation, CAP Tactical Officers responded to scene of an incident where a driver had crashed into a wall at the corner of Athol Road and Louis Botha Avenue. Luckily, nobody was injured but the driver was found to be under the influence of alcohol. SAPS were contacted and the suspect was taken into custody.

Stolen goods recovered from the incident on Kinfaus Street in Sydenham on Sunday, 12 March.


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