• Nicole Marcus

Quick response catches two criminals!

Last night, whilst returning to his home in Oaklands, a victim was followed into his complex by 2 suspects. It is believed that the victim was returning from the airport. One of the suspects exited the suspect motor vehicle and over-powered the guard stationed outside the complex. The suspects entered the complex and proceeded to rob the victims of their belongings. Unfortunately, during the robbery a victim was shot.

CAP’s Tactical Unit was patrolling in the street when they heard the gunshot. Our officers proceeded to the complex and saw one suspect with bags of stolen items. A second suspect then exited the complex and at this point a shootout ensued. The suspects attempted to flee and were pursued by Tactical Officers. Additional resources were strategically deployed to block off the area. The suspects had nowhere to hide.

One suspect was apprehended by CAP Tactical Officers in a nearby river and the second suspect, with the assistance of another security company, was also apprehended. Both suspects were found in possession of stolen items and were arrested. A third suspect, the driver of the suspect motor vehicle, managed to flee the scene and is currently at large.

CAP, together with other security forces and SAPS searched for further belongings at the river, however the search was called off. This morning they returned to scene and recovered a firearm and additional stolen items.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim who was injured in this incident. We wish him a full and speedy recovery.

A special thanks to all relevant parties involved in the arrest of the two suspects.

The above images show the firearm and additional items recovered this morning.

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