• Nicole Marcus

Collaborative operation catches car thief!

On Sunday, the 22nd of January, a vehicle dealership was robbed of 6 high-end motor vehicles. CAP received credible information as to the whereabouts of a few of the stolen vehicles and immediately informed SAPS as to their locations. Together with SAPS, 24-hour observation was placed on the stolen cars. The first vehicle was recovered on Tuesday. A second vehicle remained stationary at its location until last night when we received a call from our observer that the vehicle was on the move. CAP, Tracker and SAPS then collaborated in a joint operation to recover the stolen motor vehicle. CAP's Special Intervention Unit was in hot pursuit of the stolen vehicle which was headed straight towards a toll-gate. Numerous officials blocked the toll-gate and intercepted the stolen vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was arrested and false number plates as well as a white response strobe light was recovered. A special thank-you to the Specialised SAPS Intelligence Unit and Vehicle Identification Services Unit, who worked very closely with CAP on this operation to ensure its success as well as all other parties involved.

The above images show the arrested suspect on the left and the stolen motor vehicle on the right.

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