• Nicole Marcus

3 criminals sentenced!

On 29 November 2014, three armed suspects gained entry into a property in Dunvegan Street, Sydenham. The suspects made contact with the first victim, and soon thereafter with the second victim who had rushed to his wife's aid when he heard the noise of a smashing door. The suspects tied up victim two and forced him to lie down. The suspects then proceeded to grab victim one and take her from room to room within the house demanding cash and valuables.

The neighbour opposite the victim's house saw the suspects gain entry into the property and immediately alerted CAP. Within minutes multiple CAP Tactical Units arrived on scene and proceeded to ring the doorbell. The victim was instructed by the suspects to answer the intercom and tell the officers that she was alright. She answered and advised the officers that she was alright, however, they requested that the she come outside so that they could see that this was infact the case. Whilst outside the officers asked the victim who was home with her to which she replied that she was home alone with her husband. The officers asked the victim to get her husband and bring him outside. She replied that she could not do this as her husband was sleeping. At this point the officers saw movement in the house and knew that the victim was in danger. The officers told the victim that they were coming in. The victim ran inside the house to tell the suspects that armed officers were about to breach and that they should go. She let them out the backdoor and the suspects proceeded to flee. CAP officers chased the suspects over the neighbouring wall and apprehended one suspect who was found on the roof of the neighbours property. The other two suspects were apprehended in the outside room of another neighbouring property. All three suspects were handed over to police and arrested. On Friday the 20th of January, CAP's Legal Team, together with the SAPS Investigating Officer and the NPA saw the conclusion of this case. All three of the accused were each sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment on the charge of house breaking with the intent to rob as well as robbery with aggravating circumstances. CAP would like to commend all involved for their dedication and commitment to putting these criminals behind bars. A special mention and thanks to the task team from CAP as well as the SAPS Investigating Officer whose tireless efforts were able to ensure the suspects were brought to justice.

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