• Nicole Marcus

CAP's Special Intervention unit has success in Alexandra!

On Thursday morning, the 10th of November, whilst manually opening the gate of her work premises, the victim was accosted by 3 suspects. The suspects, who were armed, hijacked and kidnapped the victim. A witness to the incident immediately called CAP to report the hijacking and kidnapping. Through CAP's extensive network, we were able to obtain the tracking information of the stolen vehicle by providing the relevant licensing information. CAP's Special Intervention Unit, who are familiar with an active group targeting high-end SUV's within our areas of operation, immediately proceeded to Alexandra where we gathered further information that the vehicle was positioned nearby. Upon turning a corner, CAP's Special Intervention Unit laid eyes on the stolen vehicle with the victim inside. We immediately took chase and a pursuit ensued. The suspect vehicle lost control and collided with a taxi, causing the suspects to flee the scene on foot. The victim was left inside the vehicle. CAP's Special Intervention Unit rushed over to the victims safety and escorted her into our care. Once safe, the CAP officers gave chase and apprehended one suspect. CAP's Special Intervention Unit handed relevant evidence as well as the suspect over to SAPS for questioning where the suspect was later arrested. Upon further investigation, additional information has been obtained which will hopefully lead to the successful arrest and conviction of other suspects involved in this as well as other incidents around Johannesburg. We would like to commend the officers of our Special Intervention Unit whose pro-activeness saw the safe return of the victim and the arrest of one suspect. Thank you to SAPS, as well as all other parties that aided in this success.

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