• Nicole Marcus

Security alert - Severe weather conditions predicted


Dear Residents, We would like to alert you that weather reports for the next few days have predicted severe thunderstorms. As seen yesterday, these conditions are incredibly dangerous and thus we encourage residents to take note of the tips below for your safety:

  • Residents should remain indoors during heavy rains.

  • Avoid driving in wet weather conditions if possible.

  • Should you be on the road, we recommend that you pull over at a safe location until the rain has stopped and it is safe to continue driving.

  • Vehicles on the road should keep a safe following distance and have their head lights on at all times.

  • Should the perimeter wall of your premises collapse, please notify us immediately so that we can increase patrols around your property.

  • Residents should be cautious of falling trees and other potential hazards that could obstruct the road whilst driving.

With these severe conditions, the CAP Control Room receives a high volume of signals due to heavy rains and winds that effect sensitive alarm systems. Due to the increased number of signals, we request that residents contact us to report any false alarm as this will alleviate the high volume of outgoing calls and allow us to deploy our resources more effectively. In the event of an emergency, we request that you call us on 0861 227 227, as if you press your panic there may potentially be a delayed response due to the high influx of signals received. Criminals are not deterred by bad weather and therefore we request that you continue to report any two or more men on foot or in a vehicle to us on 0861 227 227.

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