• Nicole Marcus

One suspect arrested in Sydenham!

On Sunday afternoon, whilst walking in 12th Avenue, a victim was accosted by two suspects who demanded the victim’s cellphone. The victim refused to part with his phone and the suspects proceeded to rip his shirt and assault him. This type of incident is termed an opportunistic crime. This means that the criminals never knew who or where they were going to rob the victim. They more than likely spent time in the public space and struck when an opportunity presented itself. An estate agent was having a show day in a neighbouring property in Dunvegan Street and heard the commotion. He immediately called CAP to report the noise. CAP Tactical Units arrived on scene within minutes. Upon arrival one suspect attempted to flee and a chase ensued. CAP Officers successfully apprehended the suspect and he was later arrested by SAPS. Unfortunately, the second suspect fled the scene in the suspect motor vehicle, a black Hyundai Getz. We implore all residents to report any two or more men in a vehicle or on foot that are unknown to you and or anything else which you may deem suspicious. Whilst our tactical units are always on the prowl looking for suspicious persons and vehicles they can only cover a small number of the more than 70 blocks of streets in Sydenham at any given time. We therefore need you to be our eyes and ears and help direct us to potential threats which may exist by calling our operations centre on 0861 227 227, as outlined above.

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