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Community Security Alert

CAP would like to alert residents to an active crew operating within CAP areas. The crew consists of 3 to 4 suspects that carry out reconnoitered home invasions where there is close proximity to a golf course. The suspects breach the perimeter wall and gain entry into the home. The suspects tie up the victims, spend approximately 1-3 hours in the house before fleeing on foot through the golf course. This group operates most frequently on weekends in the late evening to early morning. What is a reconnoitered crime? A reconnoitered crime arises when some form of information gathering/planning has occurred and the suspects have an understanding of the target. (eg, vehicle movements, street or property layout) How can you counter-act reconnaissance? Vetting of Staff The ICCC stresses that before hiring domestic staff, contractors, or security guards, be sure to follow the steps below, or ensure that the company you are using does conduct the following:

  • Polygraph test

  • Criminal background fingerprint check

  • Reference checking of past employment

  • All employee documentation should be stored in a safe place

CAP also recommends that home owners keep their windows, doors and balconies locked during the evening. In addition, alarms and outdoors beams should be activated. Do not investigate noises or make contact with trespassers. Call CAP to investigate for you. What is CAP doing to protect the effected areas? CAP will be deploying additional resources into the targeted areas, these resources include undercover units and shake up operations to gather information from vagrants living within the area. We urge all residents to call CAP on 0861 227 227 to report anything that seems out of the ordinary. No concern is too small.

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