• Nicole Marcus

Suspect arrested in high speed chase!

During the early hours of this morning two incidents took place within CAP Operational areas. Incident one occurred at approximately 6:10am. The victim was returning to his home in 3rd Street Houghton after a session at the gym. Whilst entering his driveway the victim was blocked off by a suspect motor vehicle with at least three suspects inside. Two men exited the car and proceeded to rob the victims of his vehicle. Incident two occurred at approximately 6:45am in Wellington Avenue in Sandringham. The victim was opening his gate to leave for work. As the gate was faulty, the victim had to manually open the gate to get out of his driveway. The victim was approaching his garage to get into his car when the suspect motor vehicle drove into his driveway blocking him off. Two men exited the vehicle while two others stayed in the front of the car. The two men, one confirmed armed with a firearm proceeded to hold up the victim. The suspects took the victim into his house where they demanded various valuables. Various items were stolen including the victim's wallet and cellphone. As the suspects were exiting the house they proceeded to rob the victim of his vehicle. It is possible that the suspects in both these incidents are linked as there are numerous markers suggesting that the both incidents were carried out by the same perpetrators. The tracking devices in both the stolen vehicles led CAP's Special Operations Unit to Alexandra. Whilst in Alexandra, we were provided the co-ordinates of a White Hyundai that was stolen in a separate hijacking in Greenstone yesterday, within the Sandton area. CAP's Special Operations unit proceeded to the location where a high speed chase ensued with the suspect vehicle as well as SAPS. The suspect vehicle, with one suspect inside, lost control of the vehicle causing an accident on Bowlling Avenue cnr Darwin Street. The suspect, who was injured, in the accident was subsequently arrested. Upon inspection of the suspect vehicle CAP together with SAPS found possessions suspected to be taken from the home invasion that occurred in Wellington Avenue this morning. Investigations are ongoing to identify the outstanding suspects. Should anyone have any details that could lead to the identification of the outstanding suspects we request that you contact CAP or SAPS to relay the inform Well done to CAP's Special Operations Unit for following up on the co-ordinates of the suspect vehicle as well as SAPS for the arrest of the suspect.

That's one less criminal off our streets!

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