• Nicole Marcus

2 suspects arrested in Sydenham!

During the early hours of this morning, Edenvale SAPS spotted a suspect motor vehicle driving at high speed along Modderfontein Road. The vehicle had 5 suspects inside. It is believed that the suspects were en route to perpetrate a crime that through the excellent work of SAPS was prevented. CAP's Control Room received a call from a paramedic that works together with the Edenvale Community Policing Forum, informing us of the chase that was entering into a CAP area. The chase continued up George Avenue into Sydenham. At this point the chase came to a standstill and the suspects got out the vehicle and a shootout with SAPS ensued. CAP arrived on scene and saw the driver of the suspect motor vehicle driving on the wrong side of the road. CAP's Tactical Unit immediately gave chase and cornered the suspect motor vehicle so that it had no escape. A total of two suspects were arrested, by CAP officers and one by SAPS. Two firearms were also recovered on scene. Well done to all CAP and SAPS personnel involved in this success.

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