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CAP Successes in July!

Cab driver taken for a ride.

On Monday 25 July a Cab driver was idling on South Road, Morningside, waiting for his next call - when a passerby showed up at his window. The young man asked the driver if he could make a call for him, as the person he needed to call only spoke English — and he didn’t. The driver told the passerby that he had no airtime. The passerby asked the driver to call using his phone. The driver kindly agreed. A decision he was soon to regret.

It soon evolved that this was not a man in need of help but rather a criminal with a plan. The man and his accomplice, who was lurking nearby, grabbed the driver’s phone and ran. The driver gave chase and followed the thieves into Adolf Street, Strathavon – a CAP area. The driver stopped the first security guard he saw, the guard pushed his panic button. Luckily the complex was linked to CAP’s Control Room and the panic signal was received. Our Tactical Officers immediately responded to the scene.

We managed to track down and apprehend the suspect in a building site on Adolf Street. We later learnt that a possible hijacking was on the cards, as the suspect received several calls requesting the delivery of a particular vehicle during his arrest.

Men attack couple walking home

On a chilly Friday evening, a couple were walking home from a fast-food outlet on Barry Hertzog with their takeout for the night firmly intact, until a suspicious car with dimmed lights passed them by. Suddenly the car did a u-turn, shone its brights on the couple and came to a halt. Two men got out the car and rushed towards the couple with a knife.

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The thief assaulted the man and robbed him of his cellphone. A CAP resident nearby heard the commotion and called our control room. We immediately dispatched our tactical units and notified the police.

Together with SAPS, we managed to track the stolen phone, leading us straight to the vehicle, which still had the four suspects inside Thanks to one residents call in, we were able to get four more criminals off our streets.

Lessons Learnt

Be safe in public space

Below are some lessons learnt from the incidents that occurred within the CAP world during the month of July.

When transporting money

  • When carrying money, be careful who you share this information with

  • Avoid carrying large sums of money. If you have to - call CAP for an escort on 0861 227 227.

When heading home

  • Don’t wait in your car, especially in quiet streets

  • Don’t lend your cellphone to strangers

  • If someone does approach you don’t engage with them. Call CAP on 0861 227 227

When approached by strangers

  • Make sure you are not being followed, remember it’s not always the car behind you

  • Don’t be fooled, criminals also drive fast and expensive cars

  • Criminals often drive with their sun visors down or lights dimmed

No matter what, if you think twice call it in 0861 227 227

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