• Nicole Marcus

Criminal gets 10 years behind bars!

On the 22nd of June 2011, a suspicious vehicle was identified by CAP's tactical officers whilst on patrol in Glenhazel. When the officers approached the suspicious vehicle, the suspects attempted to flee the scene. The attempt however was unsuccessful as the suspects crashed the vehicle and were apprehended by CAP's officers.

Upon being apprehended a firearm was recovered. Investigations that proceeded linked the stolen firearm to a robbery that occurred in Glenhazel on an earlier occasion. An identity parade was held in the above case and one suspect was picked out by several complainants. CAP's Legal Department closely monitored this case to ensure that the criminal would be brought to justice. Yesterday saw the conclusion of this case and we are thrilled to announce that the criminal was handed a cumulative sentence of 10 years for the crimes he committed! Thank you to all the parties involved in this matter and for making the streets of Johannesburg safer.

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