• Nicole Marcus

Community Safety Alert

CAP would like to alert residents to an active crew operating within CAP areas. The crew consists of 3 to 4 suspects. The suspects source their victims on main intersections primarily on the basis of the vehicles they drive. They also possibly source their victims at Shopping Centres. The suspects, who make use of high end vehicles, follow their targets to their destinations. 2 or 3 suspects will exit their vehicle, armed with firearms, and demand valuables. On some occasions, the suspects have gone inside the victims premises and performed a home invasion. CAP have identified that one of the vehicles currently being used by the suspects is a White Mercedes ML SUV. The specifications of the vehicle are as per the below: Panoramic Roof Tinted Windows Xenon Lights 2015 – 2016 Model Roof Rails 5 Spoke Mags

What should YOU do? To avoid being a target it is advisable to follow our recommendations below:

  1. Wear more discreet jewellery and if worn, be careful not to flash it in public.

  2. Always lookout for two or more males on foot or in a vehicle and be aware if someone is watching you and that there is no one behind you or in front of youwhen pulling into your driveway.

  3. Stay alert and focused when entering or exiting your vehicle. Be aware of who is in your immediate environment.

  4. Open the driveway gate as quickly as possible to avoid loitering in the driveway.

Call CAP on 0861 227 227 for an escort home. If our vehicles are not busy dealing with active incidents or an influx of calls we would much prefer to have you seen home safely.

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