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CAP Community Lookout

Active Group Operating in CAP areas

The ICCC have identified an active group that operate within the following times 11h00 - 15h00 mainly on Mondays,Tuesdays and Thursdays. This group is known for performing Home Invasions in and around CAP areas where there is either construction taking place or maintenance services being used by the home owners.

Three to Five suspects gain access to the property by either jumping the wall of a neighbouring property or by posing to be construction workers. They also gain entry to the property by waiting for the garden service to leave the premises and force their way in. The suspects obtain inside information via reconnaissance channels, learning the names of the construction workers or maintenance staff so that they can easily gain entry onto the premises by claiming to be a part of the relevant crew. The suspects tie up the victims with cable ties and demand valuables.

The ICCC have identified that the suspects use a White BMW 1 Series to perpetrate these incidents as shown below. Please keep a lookout for this vehicle and if seen, call CAP immediately on 0861 227 227.

LOOKOUT BMW 1 SERIES - 4 Doors, Tinted Windows and Sunroof

Whilst operations to counter this group have been put into place, we strongly recommend following the safety measures below to ensure that your physical security is as strong as possible.

Physical Security

Physical security is one of the most crucial aspects in preventing your home from becoming a target.

  • Electric fencing (facing outward not inward) is the most effective deterrence against criminals. Electric fencing will shock the person touching it or if it is tampered with the alarm will be triggered.

  • Barb wire, razor wire and/or spikes are also relatively effective.

  • Beams are effective as they will trigger an alarm and are active 24/7

Building Sites

  • Should you be building at your premises contact CAP to arrange that your contractors are vetted.

  • Ensure any staff on the property do not open for anyone they do not know or recognize.

  • Advise your staff not to provide any information to strangers.

  • Ensure the contractors working on your property do not engage with suspicious individuals loitering in the area.

Maintenance Services

  • Should you make use of a Garden or Pool service do not use them on the same day and time every week.

  • Be sure that the maintenance vehicle attending to your home is correctly branded with the company logo.

  • Should someone ring your bell claiming to be from a maintenance company and you have not arranged this, call CAP immediately on 0861 227 227.

Remember! Call CAP if you see anything suspicious or people loitering in the environment, on foot or in a vehicle.

No concern is too small!

Call CAP on 0861 227 227

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