• Nicole Marcus

CAP is Building Safer Streets!

Two Criminals Arrested within 48 hours. Details of the incidents below: Incident 1 A community member driving on Corlett Drive in Bramley was approached by a suspect carrying a firearm who attempted to perform a hijacking. A witness to this incident immediately called CAP's Control Room. CAP Tactical Officers responded to the scene within minutes and were able to identify the suspect who had fled the scene on foot. The suspect was subsequently apprehended and the firearm was recovered. If the community member who witnessed the incident had not called the CAP Control Room the suspect may not have been arrested. It is vital that the community call in any criminal activity witnessed as well as anything suspicious or irregular. One call can prevent a crime from taking place! The suspect who was involved in the above incident appeared in court yesterday and has been charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm. CAP's Legal Department will continue to monitor the case to ensure that justice is served. Incident 2 Whilst CAP Tactical Officers were patrolling in Observatory, they came across a school learner who had been the victim of an armed robbery public. She flagged down the tactical vehicle and alerted the unit to the description of the suspect as well as the direction he had fled in. With this information, CAP were able catch the suspect and recover the stolen items as well as the weapon used in the robbery. CAP's Legal Team will monitor the above cases and work together with all relevant parties to ensure that the criminal arrested remain behind bars. Well done to all involved. That's 2 more violent criminals with 2 dangerous weapons off our streets!

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