• Nicole Marcus

2 Criminals to serve a cumulative sentence of 34 years in prison.

In May 2015, a home invasion occurred in Sandringham, whereby suspects entered the property with a key that they had acquired through a staff member working at the property. The suspects, who were armed, proceeded to hold up the victims and steal valuables. Fortunately a neighbour in the complex heard the commotion and called CAP. CAP Tactical Officers effected the arrest of the suspects, and CAP's Legal Department monitored the case to its conclusion this week. Both suspects were found guilty of house robbery with aggravating circumstances and were declared unfit to posses a firearm. Criminal 1 has been sentenced to 20 years in prison Criminal 2 has been sentenced to 14 years in prison Both criminals remain in custody. We would like to commend CAP's legal team together with the SAPS investigating officer and the NPA for their tireless efforts in ensuring these criminals are imprisoned for the crimes committed. Well done to all involved and thank you for taking 2 dangerous criminals off our streets!

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