• Nicole Marcus

CAP's ICCC, taking criminals off our streets!

5 criminals arrested in 2 days. Operation 1 On Thursday night 7 April 2016, CAP assisted SAPS with an operation targeting high level gang members. The suspects are involved in the distribution of narcotics as well as various other criminal activities. The operation resulted in four people being arrested. During the operation various addresses that are believed to be linked to the syndicate were searched and one firearm was recovered. Operation 2 CAP's ICCC received credible information regarding a hijacked vehicle. The suspects were in the process of cycling the vehicle registration and were waiting for a buyer to collect the stolen vehicle. CAP were able to notify Johannesburg flying squad, who recovered the vehicle and arrested one suspect in possession of the stolen vehicle's car keys. That’s 5 more criminals off ours streets as well as a firearm and a hijacked vehicle recovered! We would like to commend the CAP ICCC for working together with SAPS to arrest criminals and for their tireless efforts in making our streets safer. Well done.

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