• Nicole Marcus

CAP, SAPS and JMPD are taking back our streets!

Last week, SAPS, JMPD and CAP ran a successful operation that included two road blocks. The road blocks were in the locality of Emmarentia, Greenside and Victory Park, however there have been a number of road blocks in and around CAP areas in the past few weeks and more are scheduled to come. The result of the operation was a success with one criminal being arrested. The suspect is an individual who has previously shown aggression towards residents at parks and in parking areas. The suspect was arrested in possession of narcotics. That's one more criminal off our streets! A total of 7 officials from SAPS, JMPD and CAP collaborated in this operation. The operation is a sterling example of SAPS, JMPD and CAP's commitment to making our streets safer and putting criminals behind bars. CAP hopes to work together with SAPS and JMPD on many more occasions with the aim of building a crime-free Joburg.

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