• Nicole Marcus

CAP, SAPS & JMPD are taking back our streets.

CAP's ICCC initiated an operation together with JMPD and SAPS to increase safety and security in Bryanston Riverclub. On 7 March, following the operation fifteen vagrants residing in the area were arrested and taken to the Sandton police station.

Finger-prints as well as full biographic information have been obtained on the individuals and an investigation is underway to determine whether or not they are linked to crime. In addition, majority of the vagrant's temporary structures were removed during the operation. Pikitup will be clearing away any remaining debris and the department of health and safety will be accessing the site, to ascertain what laws have been broken and provide the landowner of the property with a deadline, fine or court order. Ongoing operations in the area will continue. These include:

  • Road blocks

  • Building site raids

  • Further raids in areas where vagrancy has become an issue.

  • Pro-active policing and patrolling.

We would like to commend SAPS, JMPD and CAP for their great work and commitment to building a safer Bryanston Riverclub.

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