• Nicole Marcus

CAP Legal Team Ensure Suspect Receives 7 Years in Prison

Suspect sentenced to 7 years in prison

The arrest The arrest

Following a burglary in Tanced Road in July 2014, a neighbour noticed suspicious activity and called the CAP control room who responded swiftly, notifying all tactical units. A CAP officer at a strategic lookout point in Glenhazel, identified a suspect who had been involved in a burglary in Tanced Road minutes earlier. The officer managed to chase and apprehend the suspect who was subsequently arrested by SAPS. Stolen items and a fake firearm were recovered. The case CAP's legal team worked tirelessly to ensure that the suspect felt the full force of the law. The suspect has been sentenced to 7 years in prison and is declared unfit to posses a firearm. Well done to CAP's legal team and to all who were involved in taking another criminal off our streets.

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