• Nicole Marcus

Criminal Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for involvement in an Armed Robbery.

In January 2015, an incident occurred at a business on Louis Botha Avenue in which two males (one who was armed with a firearm, and the other with a sjambok) held up the business and stole valuables. There were an additional two suspects who acted as lookouts during the crime. CAP officers, who were patrolling the public space, identified the suspects fleeing the scene. The officers gave chase and managed to apprehend one of the suspects who was in possession of stolen cash and the sjambok. Unfortunately, the other suspects managed to escape. CAP's legal department saw the case to its conclusion. The suspect has been sentenced to 15 years in prison and has been declared unfit to posses a firearm. We'd like to commend our officers and legal team at CAP, SAPS and all who were involved in taking this criminal off our streets.

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