• Nicole Marcus

CAP officers do it again

A successful week in crime-fighting with two contact crime arrests within two days, and three more criminals taken off our streets. Arrest 1- Monday 8 February Whilst on patrol in Lyndhurst, CAP tactical officers identified a vehicle linked to multiple contact crimes in Lombardy and Glenhazel. The CAP officers chased the vehicle into a parking lot where they were able to successfully apprehend the suspects who were later arrested. CAP officers recovered a knife. Arrest 2- Wednesday 10 February Following a call that was made into the CAP control room by a pro-active caller who noticed a commotion while driving in Lyndhurst, CAP's tactical officers were able to apprehend a suspect involved in an armed robbery in the public space. The suspect was later arrested by SAPS. A knife and a stolen cellphone were recovered. Well done to the CAP officers and the community member for their pro-active actions that resulted in these arrests. CAP's legal team will see the case through the judicial system to ensure that these criminals remain behind bars.

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